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Walk Stone Mat Plus

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  • Based on the theory of Chinese traditional health care
  • Improve blood circulation and memory
  • Strengthen the function of organs, increase metabolism
  • Eliminate tension, relax your body and mind
  • Help to promote sleep
  • Portable and durable
Physical Therapy Principles:
  • Foot reflex points theory: the pain is blocked, General is not painful; loop learning: the blood flow away from the pain
  • PP special plastic. Advantages such as high hardness, wear resistance
  • Easy to use, free space is limited, at any time can move both indoor and outdoor use
  • Foot massage to stimulate reflex zones, promoting metabolism, clear the meridians, qi and blood, adjusting visceral function and enhance immunity
  • Size: 170cmx35cm
  • Weight: approx.1000g
  • Material: leather and PP special environmental plastic
Not fit for the follow people:
  • Hemorrhagic
  • This product is not recommended for use by children, women during menstruation and should not be used during pregnancy
  • Tuberculosis, acute myocardial infarction, diabetes, severe renal failure, severe heart failure, hepatic necrosis unfit for use
  • Other symptoms, please consult your doctor to use
Package includes:
1 x Foot massage pad
1 x Manual