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Unicorn Floaty Inflatable Cup Holder

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If you have ever wanted to have a magical unicorn fetch you a drink on a hot summer day, today is your day. 

These unicorn-shaped beverage boat keeps your drink afloat while you soak up the summer sun in the pool.

Simply open the package, inflate the unicorn beverage boat and drop it into the pool. Place any standard size cup or drink inside and voila you're living the dream.

  • GREAT ACCESSORY; must have extremely well built drinks holder for complete relaxation by the waterside to provide more fun and lasting enjoyment
  • ADDED STYLE; a drink holder that lets you take it easy in first class style
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES; the kids will love it and feel Special and so will you
  • FABULOUS FOR ALL OCCASIONS; Memorable weddings, sensational parties wonderful for children or adults
  • A PERFECT FIT: the floating cup holder will fit almost any size of cup, bottle or can.