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Painless Knee Support Brace

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Enjoy Life – Forget Pain

We feel your pain. And we know that being in pain can ruin your day – and your life.

That is why we started our mission on sourcing, developing and manufacturing products that help you feeling better and giving you back the joy of life.

There are various causes of knee pain. Knees are the joints in your body that hold most of your weight. Whenever you move, kneel down or just bend your knees,  there are massive forces acting on your knees. Beyond that there is additional pressure that acts on your bursts, ligaments, meniscus, tendons and bones of your knees. Over time even basic activities or sports exercises ca lead to knee pain. And if not treated right, this can get really bad…

Support, Prevention, Compression

Our knee braces are developed to help you, regardless what your causes are. You can wear them for all kinds of sports, like running, hiking, football, basketball, in the gym or just at home during everyday activities. This comfortable, lightweight support relieves knee pain and swelling and give your knees maximum support and stability.

Controlled compression throughout the joint and the relief of pressure over the patella are the key features that took us months of development. But we finally reached a point where the balance of these key components is just perfectly right. Other great features are…


Anti-skid silicone makes these braces always stay in place. Most other braces can get really uncomfortable when they slip and skid. Keeping them in place guarantees the perfect protection and support at all times. To reach that goal we developed a unique insert made of anti-allergical silicone, so you will never have to reposition your brace again.



Comfortable, yet highly elastic fabric does a great job when it comes to putting them on or off. The innovative knit prevents bunching or pinching and make them so comfortable. You will almost forget that you are wearing a brace. The fabric that we use is also used in the personal care industry for hygienic reasons. This means less smell due to sweat and bacteria for better skin comfort.


Over time we made the fabric better and better. We were able to implement a major upgrade which is anatomically knitted for a precise fit and features a new level of breathability.

The fabric will not retain heat, but will will also make sure that your skin does not cool down. Keeping the perfect temperature is key for your comfort, especially when wearing a brace for longer periods and not just during sports.