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Mini Safety Stapler

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The innovative and stylish stapler without staples is the perfect helper for usage in the office, at home, for working with children, in food-related industries, stores, restaurants or hospitals.

Just open and slide corner of paper and press -- instantly the paper are fastened. The paper clinch fastens paper without the use of staples and the power assist Mechanism is designed to fasten papers with minimal force. The paper clinch fastens up to 5 sheets of paper without the use of staples.
The paper clinch is durable for multiple uses that is reliable thru constant stapling.
LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Ergonomically designed for one handed use. Palm sized for easy handling and perfect for everyone including children and seniors.
Easy to shred and recycle papers without the worry of staples getting jammed. Without staples just drop in the shredder or recycle bin. It’s environmentally safe.
It is perfect for home; office; work; on the go. Works great in kitchens; hospitals and other environments where you wish not to use staples.

Size: 33cm W x 83cm D x 74cm H / 12.9" W x 32.6" D x 29" H
fastens up to 5 sheets of paper.

 1 Staple Free Paper Clinch and 2 paper clips