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Elastic Bunion Corrector

$24.99 $27.94
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Wearing tight/ high-heeled shoes everyday and getting forefoot deformity? This Bunion Corrector helps realign toes to their natural position in a non-medical and natural way
Great to heal toe extroversion, bunions and joint inflammation. Get it to solve your foot problems now!
  • Eliminates friction between your toes
  • Separates, straightens, stretches and aligns your toes
  • Relieves immediate pain in big toe joint, Hallux Valgus and related diseases
  • Premium quality material: Highly stretchable and soft material for perfect fitting
  • Reusable and easy to clean

    • Size: S (14.5cm x 7cm), M (16.5cm x 8cm), L(18.5cm x 9cm)
      • 1 x Elastic Bunion Corrector