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Air Chair - Outdoor Campping Fishing Chair

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Grab a comfy seat anywhere with the BEAUTRIP Air Lounge Sofa. This incredible Chair requires no pump whatsoever.

Instead, you use the opening and glide the BEAUTRIP Air Chair through the air. This motion collects the air inside. 

Using the strap at the end, roll the BEAUTRIP Inflatable Lounger and secure with the snap.

This totally seals the air in and provides the perfect firmness for you to sit and lounge.

The BEAUTRIP Lounger holds the air inside for a whopping 8 hours.

It’s perfect for long days at the beach, hanging out at your campsite, or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

Also the air sofa is suitable for indoors, like living room & balcony.

In addition, this lounger comes with a small carrying backpack so you can literally take it anywhere you go.

Using high-quality 210T nylon.