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Clear Shower Curtain With Tablet Pocket

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Our Clear Shower Curtain or Curtain Liner with 12 pockets is a dream for people who need to use their mobile device in the shower. Now you can text, email, browse or watch a movie while in the shower. Maybe you want to take a relaxing bath and stream your favorite TV show. The Extra long shower curtain with 1 big vertical pocket, 2 small vertical pockets, 3 big transversal pocket and 4 small transversal pockets allows you to browse while standing in the shower or taking a bath. This makes a great functional holiday gift for everyone.


  • 12 pockets on the outside to ensure your device will fit at your eye level.
  • Durable 8G thickness. Strong re-enforced hem and rust free metal grommets. 
  • 100% waterproof
  • Length 70 inches, width 70 inches
  • Can be used as a curtain liner with your favorite decorative fabric or cloth shower curtain, simply reach between to slip your device into a pocket. 
  • High Quality EVA material. Non toxic, Antimicrobial, Odorless, Eco Friendly and Mildew and Mold Resistance. Safe alternative to PVC. 
  • Curtain will allow use of touchscreen without getting your device wet.

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